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[trip not to fold is long and experiences crop & taste only for summer]

[trip not to fold is long and experiences crop & taste only for summer] : Image

It was past Risshu, and the middle stage began in summer vacation. Children are worried about homework, too
Special experience to be able to enjoy only at this time even if it is about time when we begin
Do you not do? "Trip not to fold is long," but suggests summer-limited trip.

Summer of Japan to sense bodily in ~ Nagai
       Summer vegetables gain and thin skin-maru eggplant pickles experience, ~ of local cuisine with lunch

Farmhouse restaurant "relief hermitage" which runs Nagai city, Sugano chiesanga.
In we harvest circle nasuo from neighboring field, and "thin skin-maru eggplant is pickled" in feature in this area.
(if we put doing zuke overnight good time to eat. You can take to go as Gifts)
Please enjoy discerning local cuisine to make with vegetables in the summer which you harvested.


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Summer vacation to spend in the ~ country!
        In the summer ~ of Nagai made with yasai crop experience & pizza

Pizza kiln in farmhouse restaurant "relief hermitage" for Sugano chiesanga two years
We handcrafted. 
Summer vegetables to harvest to specially made cloth by oneself in field of rice flour to knead by oneself for preference
You make topping and can cook various original pizzas in "season".


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"Summer" to sense bodily in Nagai. Memory of unforgettable summer vacation ticked away with taste
Please examine becoming this reliable (*^_^*) right or wrong.

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