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[ Sagae Festival] Sagae MEAT de MEET

[ Sagae Festival]  Sagae MEAT de MEET: Image

Let's enjoy roasted meat in venue!

Clay charcoal stove is prepared for by venue. Let's enjoy group and roasted meat of family, friend, company♪

The date: Friday, September 14

<Time> From 17:30 to 20:30

Venue: Sagae station square, Mikoshi Park

★Meat set (one portion) ..., 1,000 yen

※We start ~ sale, advance ticket exchange at 17:30

※It is said that today's ticket is to two sets per person.

 When you participate in group, please utilize "advance ticket".


●About sale of advance ticket●

We sell advance ticket to 8/22 ~ 9/3.

Advance ticket sale time: From 9:00 to 17:00 (except Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)

Advance ticket sale place: Association of sightseeing in Sagae-shi Sankurambo sightseeing section, (no company) Sagae-shi product

... 1,000 yen with meat set (one portion) lottery ticket

Vegetables set (one portion) ..., 400 yen

Pickles (one portion) ..., 400 yen


※Vegetables set pickles become sale only with advance ticket.

※With lottery ticket which luxurious premium hits when you purchase meat set in booking!


Inquiry / Sagae-shi Sankurambo sightseeing section TEL0237-86-2111 (extension 326.341)



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Association of sightseeing in Sagae-shi product: Image

Association of sightseeing in Sagae-shi product

As for Sagae, Events is full through the year! In particular of Sankurambo season.

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