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"Advice ice cream to push" debuts

"Advice ice cream to push" debuts: Image

Of restaurant sansan is for a limited time
"Advice ice cream to push" debuts

◎Blueberry cheese ice cream ... 330 yen is tax-included
 We mixed blueberry source and cookie with flesh in ice using cream cheese.
◎Gateau chocolate ice ... 330 yen is tax-included
 We mixed slightly bitter chocolate cookie and chocolate sauce in chocolate ice.
◎Shortcake ice ... 330 yen of strawberry is tax-included
 We mixed sweet-sour strawberry source, cookie in taste of base reflecting the image of shortcake of basic popular strawberry.
 All are for a limited time!
=News =
 On "window or launch" "Sun of sky (10) bowl" every Friday, "Sun of BIC chicken cutlet set meal becomes absent during dahlia banquet garden opening of the park period from August through October. Thank you for your understanding.

Kawanishimachi Yokuyoku Center Madoka: Image

Kawanishimachi Yokuyoku Center Madoka

Hot spring accommodations "Kawanishimachi Yokuyoku Center Madoka" where dome-shaped fine-view terrace gets a lot of looks.

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