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[on August 29 Sun ♪ of bar Nic (Horse meat)]

[on August 29 Sun ♪ of bar Nic (Horse meat)] : Image

It is Sun of bar Nic (Horse meat) on Wednesday, August 29!
(said that it is Sun of roasted meat nationwide....ww)
"Sun of long Horse meat" (bar Nic) which was established in Nagai-shi on August 29, 2012
ヾ (〃 ^ ∇ ^) no which is what

We introduce shop which shop and Horse meat dishes which can buy Horse meat can eat
▼It is "long Horse meat map" ♪ Please inflect.

Of course! We used Horse meat in all and Nagai online shop of Roadside Station river
We handle product. (^^)/ where we introduce a part to from that

▼<basashi & Horse meat roasted pork fillet set>

Light taste features basashi.
You fully attach garlic and ginger, and please have.
Horse meat roasted pork fillets little as for the fatty meat which habit grieves at let alone ramen to liquor♪
☆Request of basashi & Horse meat roasted pork fillet from this☆

▼<good horse line greens rice () fried meat cake>

We use Horse meat X Buddhist ascetic greens X rice flour. We give full-bodied taste tightly and are crowded
We finished with crunchy clothes. And there are both nourishment and taste and is healthy.
★Request of horse line greens rice (is good) fried meat cake from this★
※It is delivery by freezing service.

▼<cherry tree dry sausage>
Sausage of 100% of Horse meat. It is most suitable for snacks of beer (*^. ^*)
There are two kinds of type and rose final stage type to individually wrap.
★Request of cherry tree dry sausage from this★

"Sun of bar Nic" (Horse meat), please have Horse meat on August 29 (*^^)v

[this article is blog of long fan club]
☆E-mail magazine is delivered to member of fan club every month on 1st, 15th♪
▼Application from this!



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