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★Mogami-machi "Ohori autumn festival"

Festival "Ohori autumn festival" to pray for banner year Japanese witch hazel

Ohori autumn festival is held on Sunday on Saturday, September 8, 9th.


★Saturday, September 8

 ●9:00 ~ disguise festival car, omikoshi start

 Even if "Ohori autumn festival" is called anything, it is attention to festival car!
 We show festival car almost work of art every district.
 Festival car of powerful doll and children whom we disguised ourselves as parades around Ohori district.
 Anyway, Ohori autumn festival is festival car!
 In addition, we display float near Ohori station square until 14:30.


 ●15:00 ~ Semi traditional arts "Yoshitsune, Benkei drum"
 ●Banner year prayer rice cake firewood meeting at 15:30 with ~ first lottery
 ●16:00 ~ little child karaoke meet
 ●19:00 ~ fireworks display
 ●19:30 ~ amateur karaoke meet
 In little child karaoke meet, we are thrown in by reward
 (^^) which there is sweet ~, and "twist" of cake does not entrust
 Annual fireworks display prays for good harvest and is washed ashore at night sky of Ohori.


★Sunday, September 9

 ●  9:00 ~ schoolchild sumo meet, grand golf meet
 ●13:30 ~ drum and fife corps parade 
 ●16:00 ~ mood enka ballad "Shu Misawa" show
 ●Good harvest prayer rice cake firewood meeting at 17:30 with ~ second lottery
 ●18:00 ~ songs and ballads, dancing show
 Ohori autumn festival is full of the highlight.
 Come to Ohori autumn festival by all means.


The date: Saturday, September 8, 9th Sunday

<Location> Open space others in front of around Ohori Station, old agricultural cooperative branch

Inquiry: Ohori autumn festival executive committee 0233-44-2820 (Ohori district public hall)

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