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Cultivation without casing fruit peach

Cultivation without casing fruit peach: Image

You hang bag and cut off severe sunlight of rain, wind, summer, and do you want to eat Ltd. bag peach which you finished neatly?
You fully take rain, wind, sunlight, and do you want to eat peach which you brought up with energetic no bag?
At our garden, we think that fruit which we brought up in Nature vigorously is genuine and bring up.
Peach to harvest from now on
Middle of September "cherry tree" "Shirane white peach"
Oct "light-month" (the annual last kind)


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Roof of delicious fruit garden / orange: Image

Roof of delicious fruit garden / orange

It is sai without break in fruit that it begins in Sankurambo in delicious fruit garden and is various a year.

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