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[micromouse Tohoku District meeting << notice >>]

[micromouse Tohoku District meeting << notice >>] : Image

The 31st micromouse Tohoku District meeting is held in TASS on Sunday, October 7 by venue!

▼With micromouse▼

Time before small robot such as mouse running the whole course of maze, and arriving at goal
It is competition to compete. Make, and how incorporate run program in mouse; of arm see
It is se place (^^♪
In average year, many entrants gather to here Nagai from each places of the whole country!

●<Date and Time> Sunday, October 7, 2018 9:00 ~ opening ceremony
●Venue: TASS 2F convention hall
Meeting formula homepage (micromouse northeast Branch)

▼State of last year

Entrance, visit is free. As anyone can go in and out of freedom,
Person who is interested come by all means (* ゜▽゜); no

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▼Application from this!


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