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[dish simmered in the eleventh 1,000 potato society (notice)]

[dish simmered in the eleventh 1,000 potato society (notice)] : Image

Dish simmered in the eleventh Nagai 1,000 potato party is held.

In dish simmered in Nagai 1,000 potato society with beef "dish simmered in finest potato" of soy sauce taste,
Salted "effect Sio potato stewed", pork using "Horse meat" and miso-based "dish simmered in miso pig potato,"
/ where four kinds are sold to (^ u ^) of prawns and fishery products-based "prawns dish simmered in fragrant seafood potato"

Large pan of 2m in diameter comes up this year.

●Date and time ... September 23 (celebration) from 10:00 to 15:00
       ※Potato stewed beginning to sell from 11:30
●Place ... Iris Park north side Nogawa riverbed parking lot (rainy weather decisive action)

It is still more delicious when we eat outside (*^. ^*)v
We will eat dish simmered in potato happily noisily together♪

☆We are selling advantageous advance ticket☆
 One piece of 1,200 yen
  ・Any dish simmered in potato two cups
  ・One cup of draft beer or two juice
    � umeya choikitaten 0238-84-5353

[under recruitment of members of long fan club!]
☆E-mail magazine is delivered to member of fan club every month on 1st, 15th♪
▼Application from this!


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