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★Taste gives up; "lunch of this week? ?"

★Taste gives up; "lunch of this week? ?" : Image


●Rain continues, and, by natural disaster of typhoon and earthquake, feeling is apt to become dented, too, but ... 

(by this earthquake, we mind that I am native of Hokkaido, and the parents' house is all right ? We had many everybodies worry about this. (>_<) where we pray even for ♪ ... that thank you very much heartily when we can send as soon as possible usual life as we encounter damage still more, and there are, area felt great)
Value days, and want to cheer up; shin (*^^)v
This week is ..., too ♪ We quit all of you ♥ taste and pass, and we come to eat delicious thing, and there is lower sa ~♥

★Lunch of this week?
〇 Fish fry set meal 800 yen
・Homemade tartar sauce is quite popular! It is menu in ardent request!
〇 Specially made naengmyeon 900 yen
・It is plan to a lot of September!

★Seasonal lunch menu?
〇 Imoni set meal 1,200 yen
・It is the best recommended in autumn of with mini-dessert! From this week, we start♥

★Classic menu? ?
〇 Prawns tempura bowl 800 yen
〇 Recommended fresh fish bowl 900 yen
・Because we are good, taste is all recommended menu!

★Petit luxury lunch which requires reservation!
〇 Board length lunch set entrusting you
・For 1,350 yen, it is advantageous! (as we make a reservation anytime, there is telephone lower sa ~!)
Girls-only gathering popularity NO .1 menu♥

We look forward to your coming heartily!


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