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[thoroughbred of apple world! "Shinano suite"]

[thoroughbred of apple world! "Shinano suite"]: Image

It was season to feel to be a lot cool in the evening in the morning.
Is it close in autumn of appetite? ww

Earlier! From this year in Roadside Station "all and Nagai online shop of river"
"Shinano suite" is (^^)/ by debut

With "Shinano suite"...?
Two major kinds that popularity is the highest in in Japan! "Wisteria" and "Tsugaru"
"Shinano is sweet" what we crossed.
Sweetness is strong, and, according to the name, & is juicy briskly
Sweet is kind that is recommended to person who is, and likes apple (*' `*)/

In addition, it seems to be most suitable for apple pie and potato salad♪
Please try.

★Request of Shinano suite from this★
※From about the middle of October is going to send out. (it becomes delivery by cool delivery service)

▼Close crop kana ~(^ u ^ *) v

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