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Imoni society of Sagae Che phosphorus ☆[news of venue change]

Imoni society of Sagae Che phosphorus ☆[news of venue change]: Image

Autumn pastime that gives poetic charm "Imoni" of Yamagata Prefecture.

We sell Imoni which we made with large pan of 1.3M using child princess potato from Sagae.

There is attraction to be able to enjoy in parent and child, and friend of Che phosphorus comes to play, too♪

On the day Imoni is 400 yen of sale.

Holding simultaneous as for "village Festivals 2017 of cosmos flower."

When we taste Imoni while being surrounded by cosmoses, how about?


※We change venue to Sankurambo hall under the influence of typhoon from cherry land riverbed!



Association of sightseeing in inquiry / (no company) Sagae-shi product TEL0237-86-8866


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Association of sightseeing in Sagae-shi product: Image

Association of sightseeing in Sagae-shi product

As for Sagae, Events is full through the year! In particular of Sankurambo season.

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