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Uesugi brilliant civilization building "first public exhibition Yozan Uesugi connection and the late Tokugawa period, the Meiji period document"

As for the Uesugi brilliant civilization building of 2018, you want to see cultural assets of connection mainly on national treasure, precious historical materials under the theme of "first public exhibition Yozan Uesugi connection and the late Tokugawa period, the Meiji period document".


[display period] From Thursday, September 27, 2018 to Tuesday, October 23  


<< sannai of the seventh Narinori Uesugi >>

 Document is included in document for many domestic administration documents and late Tokugawa period, Meiji period around Yozan Uesugi in the early modern times of person of national treasure Uesugi document. We match temporary exhibition with holding of "Boshin War and Yonezawa" this time, and 12s feudal lord Narinori Uesugi visits the capital in 1863 (1,863) and introduces document which can know concrete trend on doing sannai.


 When we visited the capital because Edo Shogunate 14s general Ieshige Tokugawa promoted the union of the Imperial Court and the Shogunate, Narinori Uesugi showed loyalty and was accompanied by 646 Yonezawa clansmans and went together and hit guard in Kyoto. *ken leaves Yonezawa on 2nd for New Year holidays in 1863, arrival at Edo is 9th for New Year holidays. We left Edo on 21st for New Year holidays and arrived in Kyoto through Tokaido on February 10. Yonezawa feudal clan had Kyoto mansion early in the Edo era, but because the late Tokugawa period did not have anymore, *kenishita, chief vassal, aide, doctor, amanuensis did the House of accomplishment of Kiyomizu-dera Temple minor Zen temple with the lodgings as Honjin and a lot of other vassals were divided into inns such as plural temples and Oomi shops, Tatsumi shop and stayed.


 It was about March 7 that we did sannai because Ieshige Tokugawa had an audience with the Emperor Komei. Narinori Uesugi did cortege with daimyos, too. We were accompanied by train of attendants at 7:00 (4:00 a.m.) in dawn and left the House of accomplishment. At first we entered Asuka well residence and we entered ru tadashiumaoku at the Shogunate afterwards in House of assigned west sinus bottom ru Chojamachi, and was set to attire of full court dress of traditional fashion and faced line. It was past (1:00 p.m.) in nine and a half. It was long day called 8:00 p.m. (2:00 a.m.) when it stepped over date that we finished sannai and came back to the lodgings.


 shogunkamo did sannai for free greetings again to come back to Edo on June 3 after Kyoto stay three months. *ken did cortege in this, too. We performed Western style chastity kneading on fire at door front with Katamori Matsudaira (Aizu), Yoshinori Ikeda (Inaba), Mochiaki Hachisuka (Awa), four feudal clans of Mochimasa Ikeda (Bizen) in-based spring and, on August 5 during Kyoto guard, offered *ken for His Majesty's inspection. *ken commanded Western riflemen corps and matchlock 30 pipe on horse by oneself. 2, Nishiki winding is given for coats of arms from the Imperial Court (the Emperor Komei) and, in October, is displaying coat of arms made with it by temporary exhibition. Coat of arms of yokomoken was made with remaining cloth after having produced coat of arms of *ken, too, but became coat of arms without sleeve without enough length (latter term display).


 In addition, case to permit escape of servant small fry of suspect who was not obtained happened to takematabisakukyuko of Yonezawa feudal clan senior retainer when Kintomo Anenokoji was assassinated. We were engaged earnestly in the search, and returning home was postponed. Servant Taro who escaped was not discovered, but returning home of *ken was permitted and left Kyoto on September 23 and arrived at Edo via Nakasendo highway on October 10 after all.


 In addition, national treasure "upper Sugimoto inside of the capital outskirts of Kyoto figure screen" of Eitoku Kanou writing brush which Nobunaga Oda gave Kenshin,

We reproduce for from Thursday, September 27 to Friday, October 19 (the first work = reproduction A) and display

It becomes original display for from Saturday, October 20 to Tuesday, October 23.


▼ Collection talk

  Saturday, September 29, 2018

  14:00 ~

  <Location> Permanent construction exhibition room Uesugi brilliant civilization building

  ※Admission charges are necessary.


We look forward to your visit.



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