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●City Events information●

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Autumn city Events information

In Nagai-shi of Nov that Nishiyama wore snow covering slightly, there is much height of Events!

Check Events information, and come to play by all means; teogoyai!


All long industry Expo 2018

"Seed of livable community improvement"

Saturday, November 17


We download PDF in image click


Industry Expo having a long Heisei last is held this year!

Each company, group of cities prepares for various events regardless of genre and invites customer.

We profit when we come? Visitors privilege prepares, too!

We get limited presents only for this Sun from exhibition company.

Furthermore, does luxurious premium hit if we collect stamps?

We hold stamp rally lottery.


The holding date and time, place

Saturday, November 17

Each TASS Park Hotel venue

Details, inquiry

Nagai Chamber of Commerce and Industry homepage


All and Nagai "Autumn harvest festival" of river

Saturday, November 17

We display big image in image click


Long industry Expo and same day holding!

We sell fresh farm products of producer exhibiting at port south store that is all and Nagai, greens of river.

Please enjoy autumn delicious taste & in discount deliciously.


The holding date and time, place

Saturday, November 17

All and Nagai of Roadside Station river

Details, inquiry

All and Nagai formula homepage of Roadside Station river


Guidance of free sightseeing circulation bus

We go around bus and both venues and city making a round trip to both venues on the day of the Events
Two free circulation buses which are convenient for venue access run.
On the day, in TASS Park Hotel and the white azalea Park parking lot, congestion is expected.
Please inflect for venue access.
Timetable is listed in the "long industry Expo" flyer back.
Bus with this signboard and mark is mark!
We spread and display timetable in click

※Nagai Dam Courses is going to travel as usual, too.


In addition, there is much height of Events!

Come to Nagai-shi to play on the weekend by all means; teogoyai♪


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Sightseeing in Yamagata Nagai station | Secretariat vol.2

Sightseeing in Yamagata Nagai station | Secretariat vol.2

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