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[♪ that it is season of delicious rice]

[♪ that it is season of delicious rice] : Image

inekari rino scenery is seen in many places in Nagai-shi, this year season of new rice
~ which came over!

motchimochino new rice can eat without side dish (^ u ^); /

▼Endo couple bringing up discerning rice

≪Tsuya-hime >>... We are fluffy, and luster is good according to the name and is rice which is delicious even if it cools down.
          ※It is "special cultivation" that reduced pesticide, manure.
≪Sawanohana >>... There are tenacity and sweetness, through one year of seasoning do not change
              Stable taste is characteristic.

≪Haenuki >>... Tsubu is equal neatly and is cooked gorgeously plumply.

≪sachiwatashi >>... It is rice created from "Sawanohana". Sweetness is strong,
             Slightly softer texture is characteristic.

≪Duck rice >>...  It is organic cultivated "Sawanohana".
                 ※We do not use pesticide and weed killer.

And...It debuts from this year!
▼≪Snow young circle≫

Completion of the cooking glistened like snow white and did well while being sticky
For a feeling of Tsubu, we attract attention as "new texture".
By the way, << snow young circle >> seems to be rice which is good to curry (*'u `*)w

All Endo specialty rice ♪ Please try; <(_ _)>
☆Request of discerning rice of Endo from this☆
※We are doing selling by subscription that we let go through for one year.

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☆E-mail magazine is delivered to member of fan club every month on 1st, 15th♪
▼Application from this!


It was good season.

Is it good harvest this year? Please ride even photograph of scenery walk of Nagai. I took up author of Kiki's Delivery Service, story of Eiko Sumino.

2018.10.05 12:14: [rabbit]: Editing Deletion

We had snow young circle

We were born as the second son of family running rice dealer in Nagai, but anyone discontinues the business without inheriting rice dealer. We are resident in Ichihara-shi now. Classmate of Nagai Junior High School gave "Tsuya-hime" and "snow young circle" of Tokiniwa product to and ate promptly. As it is son of former rice dealer, we make � complexion � fragrance � tenacity � resistance to the teeth index for me and evaluate. We thought that Tsuya-hime was the best, but snow young circle of younger brother was taste more than elder brother so far.

2018.10.16 07:11: [Yutaka Katagiri]: Editing Deletion

Autumn colors began, and Nagai was season when new rice was delicious.

Rabbit, Katagiri, always thank you for your support. New kind rice "snow young circle" of expectation of Yamagata Prefecture was increased as one of the return favor products of hometown tax in Nagai-shi from this year. New rice is pure white, and it is right feeling called "vinegared sushi rice", but innocence of snow young circle is particular. As far as we will be glad from now on if popularity increases along with Tsuya-hime. If there is pleasant topic again not only the country in happy season in leisure in season of colored leaves, please tell.

2018.10.16 17:22: [ayame]: Editing Deletion

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