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[10/26 holding participated in tasting party of "festival of long food"]

[10/26 holding participated in tasting party of "festival of long food"] : Image

TASS Building of Friday, October 26 Nagai-shi in venue,
We hold "festival in TASS of long food".
We can taste delicious food, drink (alcohol) using local ingredients,
Let alone eating and drinking, we prepare for a lot of Events which participant can enjoy!

★We toast with wine which we made in Isazawa (thanks in this sold out!)
★A lot of producers of farm products participate, too and introduce how to eat recommendation
★Competition for drink of craft beer (use of juice from Nagai) of Ota-ku, Tokyo
★Lotteries that prepared product of producer feelings

Regardless of the city outside, we would appreciate your participating toward a lot of right or wrong♪

In front of such an Events, tasting party of dishes menu was held.
▼Dishes approximately 20 kinds are actually tried♪

(*^_^*) where we introduce menu to only a little
▼Nine items of boxes made of thin wood of Japanese dishes. We can enjoy familiar food from Nagai.

▼Black garlic source from Nagai-shi matches pork well ♪ White-fleshed fish poeler is delicious, too!

▼When sampling is over, we mark taste of each menu in participant individuals.

Based on opinion at this tasting party, further invention seems to be added to dishes.
Dishes on the day enjoy; better seed

Ticket is advance sale,
"TASS hotel" with "all of Roadside Station river handle in Nagai" "port which is greens".
With co-worker of friend and company, please participate after invitation a lot
(_ _)

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