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[micromouse Tohoku District meeting holding!]

[micromouse Tohoku District meeting holding!] : Image

Micromouse Tohoku District meeting was held in TASS on the 31st on Sunday, October 7!
79 record-high as for the competition with all fourth kind as for the number of the entries.
From each places of the whole country, contestants gathered to here Nagai.

▼We have tentative running party on the day before meeting, and each player works on adjustment of mouse.
 To venue environment such as lighting, careful adjustment does not have other idea!

▼Players many in adjustment room.
 As for the person adjusting almost through the night…There was person who fell in sleep (~,~ *)zzz

The day that we reached of the meeting, typhoon worried about were over in morning, and hot fight opened curtain! It is no (д)
▼Opening ceremony

We play a game promptly and, after opening ceremony, start!
We move two competitions at the same time now because meeting has much number of the entries.
According to item, we introduce state of meeting.
▼Classic mouse (freshman, expert)


▼Robo trace


Venue showed big upsurge from beginning to end (^^♪
Four participated in Nagai group and were able to run the whole distance with four.
In addition, one had you participate from Nagai technical high school.

As for the meeting schedule, is finished safely, is plunge ~ afterwards in commendation ceremony & exchange meeting of fun!
▼State of commendation ceremony & exchange meeting


Players that it was observed meeting, everybody, who came to Nagai from each places of the whole country,
(^O^)/ where thank you, everybody, which looked at broadcasting on the Internet
Of Nagai technical high school which had live broadcast shooting cooperate with measurement, everybody, of person concerned with meeting
Student thank you!

As for the 32nd meeting of the next year thank you for your cooperation (*' ∀` person 

▼We publish meeting result in official homepage in a few days.
Meeting formula HP (micromouse northeast Branch)

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▼Article, application in front from this!


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