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[new menu of la veil autumn begins]

[new menu of la veil autumn begins] : Image

Takenawa Aki. , Roadside Station hood corner of "all and Nagai of river"
Farm output product that treasure house of « ingredients Nagai-shi » varies in "la veil"
New menu which we made use of begins.

All of domestic science club of Nagai High School devises this new menu,
"La veil" finished based on it.
He/she came so that members of domestic science club tried finished set meal.

It was full of color and used autumn delicious thing of Nagai abundantly
To appetizing menu.

▼Head high domestic science club A set meal
   ・ Japanese radish dumpling, effect horse (horse) juice, Tsuya-hime, pickle, chizupannakotta (with Japanese mustard spinach)

▼Head high domestic science club B set meal
   ・ Teraizumi tomato risotto (Horse meat sausage topping), Japanese radish lasagna
   ・ Crash jelly of bejiburosusupu, Japanese radish and carrot

Their ideas original dishes are (*^_^*) on drawing card menu of Roadside Station
Taste dishes which became more delicious through professional hand, and everybody smile
We overflowed.


Head high domestic science club set meal,
    Saturday, 21 Sunday is A set meals for Sunday, 20 days for Saturday, October 13, 14 days
  Sunday is B set meal for four days on Sunday, Saturday, November 3 for Saturday, October 27, 28 days
Is sold of this in plan.
It is 850 yen with A, B. It is ten meals of limitation a day.

Please appreciate delicious thing of Nagai.

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