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[pickle of Yamagata! "Seisai-zuke Pickles" and "we see zuke"]

[pickle of Yamagata! With "Seisai-zuke Pickles" "see zuke"]: Image

It was harvest of greens (we tear result) time this year!
Unique sharp taste and texture featuring greens in group of Chinese mustard, and eating as pickle
We are said to be the most delicious (^ u ^ *)v

"Seisai-zuke Pickles" and "see zuke" of Yamagata is basic pickle in winter.
We preserve greens which we dried in the sun lightly in salt, and Seisai-zuke Pickles extracts once and does salt omission.
It is soaked in book with liquid preparation which we added seasonings such as soy sauce and kombu, Guinea pepper to!

▼We wind up steaming rice with leaf, and rice ball is recommended, too.

▼We see, and zuke chops greens and carrot or Japanese radish finely and soaks together.

Person of Oomi who threw away part of tip of a leaf of greens, and saw it in old days
It is a waste! What we soaked this not to waste vegetable parings which remained and got
It begins and seems to be what. As merchant from Omi conveyed it
That "we saw and came to be called zuke" "Oomi pickles" (chase find) =.

☆Request of Seisai-zuke Pickles from this☆

★See; request of zuke from this★
▼To person who wants to enjoy both▼
☆Seisai-zuke Pickles looks; request of zuke set from this☆

As for "Seisai-zuke Pickles" and "see zuke" which is good to both rice and tea cake♪
Please try.

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▼Article, application in front from this!


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