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[5 mall coupon rallies]

[5 mall coupon rallies] : Image

"Human station black Suva" that made its grand opening the other day. Of Honcho mall
It is located in right in the middle.
Cooperation of mall of the circumference pass in commemoration of this opening, too, "5 mall coupon rallies"
We perform this.

What participate "Honcho mall" "station square mall" "Aramachi mall" "Omachi mall"
"Koya-cho mall." When when we do shopping in shop of publication, we show coupon
Privilege is received and puts seal.
We collect seals, and let's get further privilege! (^O^)/

Coupon mount "human station black Suva" to "all and Nagai of Roadside Station river"
We are put.
When you do shopping in city civic center, please use.

News ~ from ~ TASS Building
In TASS Building, we construct exchange of air conditioner which became old now.

Until Sunday, November 4, air conditioning (air-conditioning) stops.

In addition, until Friday, November 23 9:00 ~ Sunday, November 25 17:00 
It becomes power supply stop
(during blackout, we are prohibited from TASS Building admission.)

We cause customer of the use trouble very much,
We would like during period.

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