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["Nagai culture corridor" began]

["Nagai culture corridor" began] : Image

Nagai culture corridor plan that "bystreet art session" was carried out the other day.
"Town circulation art museum" is held this weekend.

While display facility of seven including sake brewery, hardware dealer and bookstore is long; of Nagai
It is long-established store which continued doing business in town. With showpiece as for the display venue itself
There is value of seeing!

Wait ...; circulation Museum ~

Venue (display facility)  :  Marudai fanmaker (prefecture designated cultural assets)
                Brewing former Naganuma unlimited partnership (country registration tangible cultural property)
                The joint-stock company pan shop head office (country registration tangible cultural property)
                Kazama Bookstore
                Kurosawa footwear shop
                Warmth town ayakka

The weekend that we spend for the world of art created with the whole town to the full
How about?
★  Details from this ★

By the way, for customer coming for sightseeing from foreign countries, it is "rurubu Nagai" English version
But, ヽ (^o^) * which was made

It is put "human station black Suva" in "all and Nagai of Roadside Station river".
▼Of course all commentary and the guides are (^_^;) ... that it is English

In autumn of culture, various plans and Events are prepared every weekend
Come to "Nagai culture corridor" by all means.

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