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[Don Quixote Yamagata Prefecture fair << notice >>]

[Don Quixote Yamagata Prefecture fair << notice >>] : Image

By some morning and evening become chilly, and autumn colors seem to advance, too.
Do all of you enjoy "delightful" in autumn deliciously, too?
It is fully loaded with seasonal noummaimonoo, and "Yamagata Prefecture fair" is held.

~ MEGA Don Quixote Omori Sanno store
                       Yamagata Prefecture fair ~
When   :   Friday, November 2, 3rd Saturday, 4th Sunday 
Where  :   MEGA Don Quixote Omori Sanno store

Sales high rank product of "all and Nagai of Roadside Station river" and seasonal vegetables ・
Behavior that sell fruit, and Imoni, ball does not come again
Kendama player "Satoru Akimoto" who is resident in Nagai-shi, and is globally famous
Performance show is carried out of this at store.

▼World-famous famous player who has championship experience at many meetings.

It is Events to taste with tongue judging from eye, and to be able to enjoy.
Suburban one, please peep out (*^. ^*)

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