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It is Nakano sightseeing orchard ~ Fruit' s cafe Rulave ~.

It is Nakano sightseeing orchard ~ Fruit' s cafe Rulave ~. : Image

 It is autumn taste, apple picking great admiration now being held. Apple which changed color red-hot proud of amount of production of the national fourth place reaches good time to eat♪♪♪  

Please visit.  

 In addition, we think as sale of la France which became the shipment removal of a ban from October 22 starts if Gifts can purchase♪♪♪  

 In addition, please use advance reservations from telephone or our homepage as congestion is expected on the weekend.

We look forward to all the staff, your visiting.

Let' s apple ~♪♪♪


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Nakano sightseeing orchard: Image

Nakano sightseeing orchard

Spot where there is fruit hunting in Tendo-shi, Yamagata. Cherry picking, peach picking, budo.

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