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Uesugi brilliant civilization building "first public exhibition Yozan Uesugi connection and the late Tokugawa period, the Meiji period document"

As for the Uesugi brilliant civilization building of 2018, you want to see cultural assets of connection mainly on national treasure, precious historical materials under the theme of "first public exhibition Yozan Uesugi connection and the late Tokugawa period, the Meiji period document".


[display period] From Thursday, October 25, 2018 to Tuesday, November 27  


<< aspect of the early period of the eighth Meiji >>

Document is included in document for many domestic administration documents and late Tokugawa period, Meiji period around Yozan Uesugi in the early modern times of person of national treasure Uesugi document. We match temporary exhibition with holding of "Boshin War and Yonezawa" this time and introduce document which can know the new times called Meiji from processing after the war of Boshin War.

 By punishment as postwar handling of Boshin War, in Yonezawa feudal clan, the birthright inheritance of retired person and yokomoken of hanshu*ken, report of vassal who confiscated and was the ringleader of territory 40,000 stone were relatively light as governor-general Nagato Irobe who had been already killed in action. (national treasure "person of Uesugi document" "executive official notice to Narinori Uesugi" first half year display) "executive official notice reproduction" about disposal for Sendai feudal clan, Nagaoka feudal clan, Shonai feudal clan is left for national treasure "person of Uesugi document". The need of it being three feudal clans that only three feudal clans stayed by chance or handwriting,

It is unknown about basic information who is what we copied when where. However, it is sure that three feudal clans were deep feudal clans of relation among other things with Yonezawa feudal clan. Sendai feudal clan was leader country of allied countries of Ou powerful feudal lords alliance with Yonezawa feudal clan. Alliance increased, and Hokuetsu district various feudal clans became depths Uetsu powerful feudal lords alliance, too. They succeeded in Nagaoka feudal lord Tadakuni Makino, the cause of conduct of Tsugunosuke Kawai of senior retainer who got great trust of yofuchukyo, Nagaoka castle recapture, and allied force fought at fierce Hokuetsu district front. Many Yonezawa clansmans die, too. Yonezawa feudal clan heir Mochinori Uesugi had an audience with shimmatsurigotofuso*jinwajikyuka*shino in Shibata (Niigata) on September 11 in 1868 (1,868) and surrendered formally. On 16th, we were appointed van of Shonai feudal clan hunt. Yonezawa feudal clan dealt with intermediation of surrender negotiations of both feudal clans while sending soldier to Aizu, Shonai.

 Three subpoenas addressed to 12s feudal lord Narinori Uesugi who retired from the Meiji Restoration government affect all promotion of ranking of *ken. However, pushing itself forward is different from the large politicians and bureaucrats secretary, cabinet secretary, title station. While the new government explores with thing by reorganization of organization of the new government, aspect opening up has a glimpse of new age and soaks this. Subpoena is national treasure, but important "diploma of court rank" performs existing in a legend in national treasure "person of Uesugi document". In addition, ranking of Narinori Uesugi goes up in comparison with ranking of each generation feudal lord of the Edo era in each step. In special privilege and position of old feudal lord having been diminished as for this by return of the land and people from the feudal lords to the Emperor, establishment of prefectures in place of feudal domains

It is thought with one of the correspondence of the new government on the other hand. Nobility system may be called one.

 It was Narinori Uesugi who lived in the times of turbulence that the Edo Shogunate collapsed and reached new age, but was person blessed with many children than each generation Yonezawa feudal lord. There are 19 children. We introduce booklet of domestic administration side over them.


In addition, national treasure "upper Sugimoto inside of the capital outskirts of Kyoto figure screen" of Eitoku Kanou writing brush which Nobunaga Oda gave Kenshin,

It becomes original display for from Saturday, October 20 to Sunday, November 18.


▼ Collection talk

  Saturday, October 27, 2018

  14:00 ~

  <Location> Permanent construction exhibition room Uesugi brilliant civilization building

  ※Admission charges are necessary.


We look forward to your visit.



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