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[koyoshuyo] It is news of this. Steam season began.

[koyoshuyo] It is news of this. Steam season began. : Image

Colored leaves shed the leaves and say season when trunk of white birch stands out with [steam season].

Would it not be development that we foretold in the beginning of October?


"Do not perform email (SNS) of not being able to say face-to-face"

  (reference materials: mother with the United States tell)

Is this, quotation from smartphone promise 18 of junior high student, but, in fact, than children and young generation

We valued expert member of society, wabi sabi and atmosphere that smartphone made its debut recently

Social common sense person seems to be suspected of the literacy lacking. 

There is that we think plenty.

Email of the contents which we will not say which it cannot say face-to-face

Note which there is no help for it even if "mountain path is scary fear" and is said to be discrimination and heito called (laugh).

While oneself thinks that you must be careful.    ・It is ...

We are said and do not think, "thank you" very much negatively.

 Rather this will say, too! There may be person whom (we will write) yearns for.

See swing of person; and (*^^*) dancing ♪  We practice yoga recently?

In voice that positive is as big as possible.

Thing that is not so digests plainly, and forget.   Personal impression (laugh) to say this



Finally we copy and paste again as important traffic regulation information is important.

 [careful statement]

Only 1,126m above sea level answers.

We can confirm color with the daybreak from about 6:00 a.m. on October 7.

In the situation to "turn red" even if anyone sees at noon on October 12.

We belong under state in 10:00 a.m., "in full bloom" on October 16.

We reach "the height" at past 16:00 on the evening of October 21.

We begin being scattered on the early morning of October 23

Colored leaves that I thought that we reached the end at 14:11 p.m. on October 26.
    Peak that extra leaf disappears, and, in fact, is the most beautiful on that day.

Do not say that was finished as for the colored leaves season at 16:00 p.m. on October 28; do not obtain.


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[King Asner] Superb view open-air bath Azuma-ya inn of five Shintakayu Onsen: Image

[King Asner] Superb view open-air bath Azuma-ya inn of five Shintakayu Onsen

This frontier ... story last in space ... there with such a large space.

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