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On Saturday, November 3, museum is free!

November 3 (Sat, celebration) Culture Day, this hotel admission charges permanent exhibition, temporary exhibition [become free in Boshin War and Yonezawa Tomo!

Come to museum at this opportunity.

(this business is "northeastern Culture Day" participation business.)


"Tohoku Culture Day" is ... culture; Tohoku in nothing!


We do (the last weekend of October) every year with "Tohoku Culture Day" on last Saturday of October and Sunday on the next day from 2010, and six prefectures of Tohoku and Sendai-shi send information about northeastern culture all in one body and establish Sun which assumes display of culture facilities such as art museum, museum free of charge (discount) mainly on approximately one month from "Tohoku Culture Day" and perform various Events such as symposium or school festival.

Six prefectures of Tohoku is bound as one unit called "Tohoku", but various culture that there is characteristic each is brought up in each place. We have you get close to such a various culture across prefecture area toward Tohoku on "Tohoku Culture Day" and are intended to have variety of northeastern culture in except Tohoku as opportunity to know.


Detailed Events information is this↓


We look forward to your visit.



Yonezawa-shi Uesugi Museum 0238-26-8001

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Denkoku-no-Mori (museum) information blog

"Denkoku-no-Mori (museum)" in September 29, 2001, Yonezawa-shi, Yamagata with museum, culture facility.

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