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[in Roadside Station la France Halloween?]

[in Roadside Station la France Halloween?] : Image

We deepen and are Yamagata that met season of la France in autumn.
Tomorrow is Halloween. In two-tone color which is wonderful in all and Nagai of Roadside Station river
La France which grew up disguises itself and meets.

Autumn-limited cakes formed a line in sweets section.

▼Mashed sweet potatoes and Daifuku that used chestnut abundantly.
Taste (*^_^*) which is loved by anyone

▼It becomes "sekihan steamed bun" that bean jam was fitted in sekihan
New texture Japanese style sweets come up, too.

Delicacy (^_^;) which we will try to person who is carboholic by all means
If come to play to Nagai, all and Nagai of Roadside Station river
Please peep out.

It is in reservation reception desk of la France in all and Nagai online shop of river.
Sweetness that Yamagata Prefecture product la France has good fragrance, and is thick and fluent taste.
It is pleased with gift-giving very much.

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