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★Mogami-machi University Industrial Festival!

Mogami-machi University Industrial Festival

laughThere is annual rice cake firewood every year


 <Date and Time> Saturday, November 3 from 10:00 to 14:00

 Venue: Mukaecho, Mogami-machi mall "bond, interchange cheerful stage"


Other than annual rice cake firewood, we meet "sumo entertainer akatsu" every year on stage,
Let's swell on roar of laughter stage!


We get premium by quoits of 100 yen once!
◯We present Disney adult pair ticket by X quiz.


Let alone sale of farm products and artefact of Mogami-machi,
There are branches such as handmade miscellaneous goods and accessory, accessories which are quite popular with womensmiley


That charcoal making scallop of Ofunato-shi of friendship town can finish being sold and hastens as it is inevitable!


As there are child-limited to primary schoolchild, present of cake this year,
Bring present ticket of flyer!

 ~ time schedule ~

 10:00 beginning to sell
 11:00 opening ceremony, rice cake firewood
 12:00 "sumo entertainer akatsu" stage
 13:00 ◯× quiz 
 The 14:00 sale end


  Downloading of flyer is this

 ~ inquiry ~

Mogami-machi government office interchange promotion section 0233-43-2262 (direct)
Contact information on the day      080-8210-7105


●I would like cooperation of traffic regulation
On the day traffic regulation does a part (the flyer back side) of mall and makes "vehicle-free promenade".
Please cooperate to go around event site.
In the parking lot, please give me the P use of flyer back side map other than Mogami-machi government office parking lot.


Time from 9:00 to 15:00 of traffic regulation


"MOGAPO" Top Page is this

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Mogami-machi tourist association

It is early summer rain notebook of Mogami-machi tourist association

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