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[Kendama painting contest commendation ceremony]

[Kendama painting contest commendation ceremony] : Image

Sunday, November 4, the thirteenth Nagai Branch Kendama painting contest commendation ceremony
But, who was performed in TASS, and was won and \ (^^)/ where it was attended at family

▼A part of the prize-winning work
Kendama painting contest of this year from city primary, middle and high schools school
There was 307 points of application.
We held commendation ceremony targeting at 29 people who won a prize wonderfully soon♪

▼State of commendation ceremony

Certificate of merit and supplementary prize were given won everybody!

▼Kendama which parenthesis of supplementary prize is good for. Children were pleased, too.

Level of work improved year by year, and examination of this year seemed to be great (^^
From examination chairperson, "we want you to find various new invention on seeing other works"
We had comment called this.

▼It is group photo with own work
Work which took a ceremonial photograph with family after having taken group photo, and won a prize slowly and carefully
We were admired.

▼Daisuke Inoue who won Mayor Nagai Prize.

We are painted carefully in detail,
It is splendid work (^^♪

■Future work display plan■
Wednesday, this month 14 ~      "cross-ba" (the human station) of Honcho
Gallery station of from Tuesday, January 15 to 20th Sunday Nagai Station
After that Roadside Station is "all and Nagai of river" and is displayed

We are waiting for original work clogged up of thought of everybody next year (*^ ▽ ^*)/

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▼Article, application in front from this!


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