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["dried persimmon" of pattern that is old days]

["dried persimmon" of pattern that is old days] : Image

"Rouge cured persimmon" that cold wind brings the finest sweetness♪
There should be many people attracted by sweetness that gangs are different from straight persimmon in!

Cured persimmon is called popular name "dried persimmon".
Bitterness disappears by drying, and sweetness increases.
The sweetness with what! That it is 1.5 times of sugar (^ u ^ *)v

A lot of vitamins which dried persimmon is not only delicious, and prevent a cold
We enter and are nutrient-rich when he/she prevents drying of skin.

▼ヽ (^.that we are, and 32 dried persimmon 2L size is with ama ~ ^) no

●Request of deep red cured persimmon is this
※It is provided past December 20.
It is <(_ _)> in being limited sale early

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