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Asahiya inn IN Onogawa

~ ritoshita site that this hotel was based on rajumu hot spring, and said.
Cooking is use of rice of farmhouse direct shipment. We choose local cuisine or Yonezawa beef Courses.
We accept traveling alone ~ party traveler, Sun return hot spring (500 yen)♪
Please taste fresh hot spring.
Please call casually ♪ 0238-32-2111
We look forward to ♪ ~ which is Shoshi♪

  We changed http://www.onsen-asahiya .com of
  List of Asahiya inn Asahiya inn Official HP accommodation plans

We change Asahiya inn Official HP reservation of and cancel

 Hotel guest-limited! Very popular! ♪ Without being concerned in chartered bath free of charge
  Please taste natural hot spring slowly
   There was handrail, too, and elderly person became able to take a bath slowly, too ♪

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