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Store specializing in Yamagata cow roasted meat "Maizuru ranch"

It is image store specializing in Yamagata cow roasted meat "Maizuru ranch"

Store specializing in Yamagata cow roasted meat "Maizuru ranch"
2-4-51, Kamatahoncho, Tendo-shi, Yamagata
023-651-2941 (meat is good)
Business hours from 17:00 to 22:00 (21:30 last order)
Closed day every Thursday (in the case of holiday, there is business)
★Equipped with large parking lot

We provide the finest regional Japanese beef that craftsman kept on choosing.

You can thoroughly enjoy cold draft beer and taste of Yamagata cow.
As you do direct sale of Yamagata cow at the same time, you can order favorite gram selling and part.

◆Roasted meat menu
Our store uses Yamagata cow.
※Stated value is all tax-excluded price.

◆Yamagata cow
 Fins 1,500 yen ~
 Sirloin 1,300 yen ~
 Galbi 1,000 yen ~
 Tongue 1,200 yen ~
 Saga re-1,200 yen ~
 1st stomach    800 yen
 Lever 700 yen
 Hormone 700 yen
 Heart    500 yen

◆Single dish
 Yamagata cow A5 rank steak (approximately 150 g) 4,800 yen
 Yamagata cow A5 rank steak (approximately 80 g) 3,000 yen
 Yamagata cow choice fillet steak (approximately 80 g) 2,500 yen
 Yamagata cow grip (3 kan)          900 yen
 Yamagata cow-bashing             600 yen
 Naengmyeon                 600 yen
 Naengmyeon half              400 yen

[Courses menu]
☆Sampler menu which is advantageous for dinner meeting with family, friend☆

◆Of 6000 yen per person - - requiring reservation than set (ten articles) - -3 people absorbed in Yamagata cow (tax-excluded)
◆In Yamagata cow sampler (for 2-3 people /5 product)             6,500 yen (tax-excluded)
◆Family set Big (for 4-5 people /6 product)           9,800 yen (tax-excluded)
◆Family set (for 2-3 people /6 product)             4,800 yen (tax-excluded)

☆Menu (all-you-can-drink) that it needs reservations which is most suitable for meeting, banquet☆
Yamagata cow 3 Courses for <<all-you-can-drink 120 minutes with + hot spring bathing ticket>>
 -- Cow sirloin, cow galbi 1st stomach lever heart hormone, fried vegetables, kimchi - -
◆Of 7000 yen per person blue-ribbon Courses (with beef tenderloin) (tax-included)
             (child: tax-included 4,900 yen)
◆Of 5000 yen per person the finest Courses (with beef tenderloin) (tax-included)
             (child: tax-included 3,500 yen)
◆Advantageous Courses       Of 4000 yen per person (tax-included)
             (child: tax-included 2,800 yen)
※Child rate becomes to third grader.

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