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Long fan club blog ver.5

It is image long fan club blog ver.5

This blog is blog running with "long fan club".

We are "long fan club" running in Okitama local local Sangyo Shinko Center.

Long fan club is place of exchange of everybody supporting Nagai-shi, Yamagata! We started in April, 2009 and reached the tenth year in 2018.
We send various information to have intellect enjoys "Nagai-shi, Yamagata", and everybody support.
For more details, you can see on homepage. We have you join toward the lot and are happy if you can support Nagai.

Advantageous gaarimasu such as subscription (free) of e-mail magazine to tell about privilege that points collect by all of Roadside Station river and shopping in Nagai online shop when we have you become member and seasonal topic of Nagai-shi, service with support shop in Nagai-shi.
▼Kind (year update system) of memberThe amount of annual convention costs
○Diamond member30,000 yen
○Platinum member10,000 yen
○Special member 5,000 yen
○General member 1,000 yen
Internet member Free

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▼We take official homepage, inquiry from this
Long fan club
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Long fan club library
・Okitama local local Sangyo Shinko Center
 TEL: 0238-88-1815

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