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Osho orchard (sightseeing in Osho orchard)

Osho orchard (sightseeing in Osho orchard): Image

It is sightseeing orchard largest in the Yamagata prefecture.

Corporation name is Yamagata Sankurambo farm.

We run cafe "oh!show!cafe" of the Osho orchard direct management.

"Seasonal fruit parfait" is popular item.

You can enjoy Cherry picking until ~ about July 20 on about May 20.

There is seasonal fruit picking including peach picking, grape picking, apple picking afterwards.

On May 21, 2016, it was reopened.

Please spend time slowly in lounge which can overlook orchard.

We sell not only fruit but also local special product.

Multipurpose restroom formed "restroom of all".

We installed restroom for wheelchair, restroom for child, crib.

You can use various fruit picking plan by advance reservations.

For more details, please see our garden homepage.

Osho orchard
Yamagata Sankurambo farm
〒994-0103 1303, Kawarago, Tendo-shi
TEL 023-657-3211
FAX 023-657-3213

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