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Asahi Shizenkan

There are activities such as tennis court, ground golf course, ostrich garden, fishing pond other than hotel and cottage, camping space in site of "outlook on Asahi nature" in top of the mountains of Asahi-machi, Yamagata.
There is "Kuki Shrine" among beech forest near the hotel and can feel value of air.
Do barbecue and dish simmered in potato together in autumn in the spring and summer in cottage with full of outdoor feelings; and of making a lot of noise, too, and at hotel of having body, too.
Many skiers and snow boarders do slope as "outlook on Asahi nature Snow Park" gorgeously in winter.
It is "Asahi nature view" of natural feeling full loading to let go through in the fall and winter, and to be able to enjoy in the spring and summer.

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