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Sumiyoshi-ya food

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Company business name

 Sumiyoshi-ya food


 Katsuhisa Sumiyoshi

Management philosophy

 We will become company with reason for being.
 We will become company required to customer.
 We will become company which can be pleased with customer.

Company history

 We begin production in Sagae-shi Ox town home in 1932
   Tofu, fried bean curd, konnyuku produces after the demobilization for 20 years
   22 years confectionery (Chinese quince sugar, bread)
   23 years rice cake, dumpling production
   Winning the 41 years Prime Minister prize
       Honorary vice-president Prize receiving a prize
   45 years company establishment
   We practice medicine in company move Minamicho for 46 years
   The factory completion second for 52 years
   The factory completion third for 53 years
   53 Sumiyoshi jewels and ornaments establishment
   Winning association of 58 Nippon Shokuhin hygiene prize
   The factory completion (3 stories) fourth for 60 years
   Winning the 61 Minister of Health and Welfare prize
   63 Sumiyoshi jewels and ornaments move (the Sagae-shi small goes)
       Name: jieeru BOX and change
 The January, 1994 new factory new completion (Sagae-shi three oasis)


Company Address

 〒991-0002 Sagae-shi, Yamagata 76-1, Shimogawara



 TEL: 0237-86-2610
 FAX: 0237-86-8196
 Toll free number: 0120-86-2612

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