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Uesugi Festival

Uesugi picture scroll which revives in fantasy and excitement, the present age.

 When severe winter is over for a long time, and spring comes to Yonezawa, Yonezawa Uesugi Festival begins.
 Uesugi Festival opens curtain in Uesugi Shrine and Annual Festival of Matsugasaki Shrine which assume Prince ancestors of a family Kenshin Uesugi enshrined deity. It was said to be "festival of prefectural shrine" (Uesugi Shrine) and "festival under castle" from old days and was considered to be holiday when Yonezawa was important.
 Matsu-ga-saki Park no Sakura (Cherry blossoms) becomes in full blossom at this time, and many stalls link the eaves and are full of people enjoying cherry blossom viewing and stroll in Park.
 Yonezawa citizen felt joy that invited spring to this festival and has been got close as big Events of Yonezawa to date from the times when there was little entertainment.
 Above all, on May 3 that is main event, majestic Uesugi army corps line, gorgeous shinyotogo parade around the main street in the city, and Kawanakajima battle that Uesugi and Takeda said to be the greatest desperate struggle in history of war-torn country crash into is reproduced. Firing of matchlock, cameo of sitting up and begging sword seven sword which Kenshin cuts by going alone on horseback in the Takeda forces, total cost by all army corps merge both militaries, and, as for the fight scene of approximately 700, war-torn country wave abusive no impression can right taste force perfect score.
Holding date and time from April 29 to May 3

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