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[not soggy sticky "dodare potato"] : Image
September 21, 2018

[not soggy sticky "dodare potato"]

Roadside Station "all of river and one of the popular items autumn in Nagai" online shop! Stem of taro performs growth of (^^)/ "dodare potato" (Sat sauce) which shipment of “ dodare potato (taro) “ begins in soon with kind of taro ...more

Matsutake mushroom picking and meal information: Image
September 20, 2018

Matsutake mushroom picking and meal information

Matsutake mushroom picking of 2018 and season of meal information matsutake mushroom began. You buy, and please confirm on request in store. [matsutake mushroom picking] Locust matsutake mushroom mountain admission fee to a temple 2,000 yen opening of the park from 5:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. inquiry Inagoyama Administration tower 08 ...more

Dish simmered in Nagai 1,000 potato society holding! : Image
September 20, 2018

Dish simmered in Nagai 1,000 potato society holding!

Person via in front of Roadside Station should be aware, and this year so that ... Events comes back late last week! Decision this year held dish simmered in Nagai 1,000 potato society on Sunday, September 23! Like the year before last, it is performed at Nogawa riverbed parking lot ...more

Man who can be angry of 12 SENDAI seats: Image
September 20, 2018

Man who can be angry of 12 SENDAI seats

"Knife and decisive witness testimony that were left in the spot. Believed guilt, and nobody suspected; "12 men who can be angry" (12 Angry Men) is TV drama of production of the United States for 1,954 years. We are filmized as remake edition until now ...more

[TASS Building fire drill] : Image
September 20, 2018

[TASS Building fire drill]

Fire drill was carried out in TASS Building. Tenant group which it is annual event every year, but participated Lay up for a rainy day are genuine sword itself. ▼In response to explanation of how to use fire extinguisher; and ..., fire extinguishing experience.  Faced real flame, but everybody ...more

Shirasagi-so gate ball meet! : Image
September 20, 2018

Shirasagi-so gate ball meet!

It was gate ball meet of the 19th Shirasagi-so on Sunday, September 19. People of 74 causes of splendid blue sky participated. We had you spend time at social gathering happily later. It will be the 20th meeting next year. We look forward to participation ...more

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