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June 28, 2017

Yamagata Shonai Beach story | Shonai coast beach information 

In prefecture, we announce result of the radioactivity concentration measurement of beach. Details of result of a measurement look at this in 2017; ...more

June 28, 2017

Snowfall Information of Ski Areas

1. Zao Onsen Ski Area 2. Zao Liza World 3. ZAO Sarukura Ski Area 4. Tendo Kogen Ski Area 5. Kurobushi Kogen Snow Park   Jungle Jean ...more

"It is image "village which is the most beautiful in Japan" alliance general meeting, festival 2017in..
June 28, 2017

"Village which is the most beautiful in Japan" "alliance general meeting, festival 2017in..

Iidemachi joined the "village which was the most beautiful in Japan" which was modelled after most beautiful village motion of France in October, 2005, and started from 7 municipalities of the whole country alliance in 2008. Sun to be able to never regain if 63 municipalities, area join now and lose ...more

"Hydrangea Festival:" Image
June 27, 2017

"Hydrangea Festival"

Hydrangea Festival is held with safflower Festival in the Yaotome Hachiman Shrine precincts of rough grindstone by the same Sun. This becomes festival to be able to enjoy cool air. We sold, but production experience is enacted display of moss ball more this year last year, too! Experience is 1 ...more

We pay attention to lounge menu of lobby ♪ : Image
June 27, 2017

We pay attention to lounge menu of lobby♪

Thing feeling season in this hotel, dish, menu of lounge which there is flower etc ... a lot of, but installs in each table in hall are one ♪ It is July 7 Star Festival version to come over soon now. It is coffee in the first-floor lounge ...more

[season of bare ground "thin skin-maru doing zuke" comes over] : Image
June 27, 2017

[season of bare ground "thin skin-maru doing zuke" comes over]

It is Nagai-shi where noncommittal weather that is not rainy continues in cloudy sky although it was declared setting-in of the rainy season. Sunlight of midsummer does not yet glare down, but vegetables grow up smoothly in the summer. We make the film-maru which is traditional vegetables of Okitama area. Skin is thin ...more

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