Privacy policy

Privacy policy

We recognize importance of personal information protection and use appropriately and think that it is social responsibility to protect and promise what we act as for protection of personal information.

▼Definition of personal information
Personal information is information about individual, and, on full name, the date of birth, sex, phone number, e-mail address, occupation, the office say information that can distinguish authorized individual.

▼Collection, the use of personal information
We collect, and we use personal information only by putting for the following purposes in the range. When collection, the use of personal information by us depended on voluntary offer of customer, and personal information was provided customer, customer should consent to our using personal information in conformity with this policy.

・Duties that are necessary in sending our product which was ordered
・Offer of information considered that useful and customer including guidance of special event needs new product and product exhibitions
・Opinion collection for inquiry, confirmation from us which are necessary on duties accomplishment and service improvement
・Various inquiry correspondence

▼Third party offer of personal information
In us, disclosure may not provide personal information to third party without obtaining the person's consent beforehand unless cases based on laws and ordinances depend on sufficient reason.

▼Personal information management
We install chief privacy officer to prevent leak, loss, damage of personal information and try for enough security protection and, also, perform appropriate Administration of personal information that I took to keep personal information to thing latest again exactly.

▼Inquiry, correction of information contents or deletion
We cope immediately after having confirmed that it is the person when inquiry, correction of personal information that customer had us provide or deletion is hoped for as far as it is rational.

▼About opinion, complaint, formal objection about privacy
When it is thought that customer does not protect this policy that we posted on our website, at first please contact through inquiry. After having done communication by email after the contents confirmation in reply, we act to be able to work to be appropriate.

April, 2012
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