About method of information publication to our site

[1] At first we move to login screen

[1] We log in by eye D and password issued of this from page.
Login from this page

[2] We click "article contribution" of the right menu

After logging in by eye D password,
We click top "article contribution" of the right menu,
We move to text inputting screen of article.

[3] We input information and make article

Of "Community line" on the "making" button
We check "Trip to Yamagata / Official".
As category is displayed after the check, we choose applicable category
We click "making" of the lower part most, and contribution is completed.

It is Details explanation of function as follows. __________________

It is provided with four functions including "memo".
When we post blog-like article, we use "memo" basically.
By character of information to send to, we can use item properly.

We input title of article.

▽The text
We input the text of article here.
When we use "tool palette" in the upper part of the text,
Decoration such as changes of color and size of letter
Other pages and link to site, placement of image in the text are possible.

▽<Date and Time>
We can set the date and time of article to post.
When we want to operate date by contents of article
We can change date here.

As for "Sightseeing" or "the Gourmet,"
Please choose category along contents of article that you made.

It is signature of one to post.
To inform contribution of anyone; is functioned.

Stored image is chosen by PC
We can post as image in conjunction with article.
When we want to post more than 2 images, we use "tool palette".
Please confirm kind of image which you can post here.
※Capacity of image which we can attach by one contribution becomes to 10 mega.

We choose video saved to PC and can post.
Please confirm kind of video which you can post here.
※Capacity of video which we can attach by one contribution becomes to 10 mega.

We can post documents such as PDF stored to PC.
Please confirm kind of file which you can post here.
※Capacity of file which we can attach by one contribution becomes to 10 mega.

▽Public degree
This article reading anyone when we choose "exhibition"
It becomes article of type that there is.
When we choose "limited exhibition", it is released only by limited person
It becomes article of type. Only as for the member in connected Community
We can read.
Of type that only oneself can read when we choose "secrecy"
It becomes article. In other words, it becomes information to read only in Administration screen.

▽Community line
As Community name such as tourist associations is displayed,
Category is displayed below when we have check box check.
We choose category along contents of article to post.

Inquiry window
Please feel free to contact to the following if you have any questions.

STEP Co., Ltd. up communications (commissioned business trustee)
〒990-2423 2-10-10, Higashiaota, Yamagata-shi
TEL: 023-632-7226
Please refer than this form.

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